Cross Country
Coopers' Company & Coborn School School Crest v Harrow Invitational
Fixture Details Selected Girls-U14A
Team: Girls-U14A
Venue: Neutral | 5 High St Map icon
Date: Thu 18 Nov 2021
Coach: Mrs Davies
Meet Time: 11:45
Start Time: 14:30
Return Time: 18:30
  1. Maggie Smith
  2. Rosie Warner(Capt)
  3. Eliza Bridges
  4. Lien McKenzie
  5. Emily Quinlan
  6. Scarlett Woods
  7. Orla Friel
  8. Isabella Knight
  9. Jessie Lynes
  10. Jessica Page
Further Information: Rosie check the team please.

Come to school in PE kit. Go to am reg, P1, P2 as normal. Go to P3 for half an hour and then meet at the flag pole at 11.45am (DO NOT LEAVE THES LESSON BEFORE 11.45AM!!!)

Please contact your P3 (half an hour), P4 and P5 teacher to ask to be excused. Copy up any missed work.

Red vests, tight black shorts, spikes to compete.
CCCS hoodie/quarter zip, plain black leggings/CCCS tracksuit bottoms to travel/warm-up.
Bring pins, plenty of food and drink. Check the weather forecast before - bring waterproofs/layers etc if needed.

Your race is the 1st of the day at 2.30pm and is 2.5km.
Transport: Coach For information on prospects of play and the latest information regarding this fixture please
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